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    Deutsches Jungvolk Fanfare Banner

    I bought this banner and perhaps one can tell me. Why the threads are red?
    The size is 45 cm x 45 cm without the red thread. The test with the UV light is negatv and the seams look good.
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    It looks like it may be good ...if orginal it would have to be a pre 1933 piece .

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    Red is very odd. In 1933 they definitely had white tassles as that is shown in the HJ uniforms book from that year. These did sometimes have silver tassles but I have never seen red or any other colour in a photo or collection.

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    Yes this is weird red. But the rest is great. Perhaps the common thread was dyed!

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    I have this fanfare banner found.
    NPEA Burg Monschau and Adolf Hitler Schule trumpet banners
    Since the threads are black!

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    Check this one out too (pic 6): Hitler-jugend posters I wonder if the artist had seen one like that in use.

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