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    Deutsches Jungvolk fanfare banner with Belgian lion

    this DJ Banner was sold this morning on for 151.-€ !!!!!!!
    When I found it , it was for sale, one minute later after login it was sold
    I think it is a good one.
    I hope someone of the forum catched it.
    Best Regards

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    DJ Banner More pictures

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    wow what a bargain! seem to have been a few of them HJ bargains lately!

    i also like it! the chain stitch looks neat and feature on alot of
    cloth items!

    i like you hope somebody here got it?

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    Hello Ewan,
    yes there are some HJ-bargains in the last time and I am always a moment to late.
    But no prolem.
    Best Regards

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    DJ Banner now in Florida !? Maybe for sale?
    LINK: DJ Trumpet Banner - Militaria Forums
    Best Regards

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    that sure is it Alois!

    may be for re sale however i fear it wont be for 151 euros ;) try over $1000

    best regards,Ewan

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    I missed it too , I clicked the "buy it now" bar and it was no longer for sell . OUCH that really HURT !

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    This one was shown on that other forum a while ago if I recall correctly. I'll see if I can find the thread on it.

    A lot of nice HJ material is coming out to the market in the last few weeks I have noticed. I don't know if it is the global economy on the decline and people needing funds, or if members are dieing off and the items are being turned up by pickers, or some other reason. It's a good time to be an HJ collector for now, but prices are soaring for the better items also. I've had to refuse a few very tempting offers for lack of available funds recently. One of them being the Jungbannfahne of Bann 1/201. It would have meant selling off some choice items that I am not ready to part with.
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    to be perfectly honest Darin i think it will be down to a bit of everything you mention, but especially the state of global economy! this past two weeks have seen some nice HJ collection cans for sale on there for cheap, one was
    one that still had the
    seal etc very striking design in dark green and yellow for a mere 60 euro and also the red HJ design 50 euros,this was without looking really this DJ banner has now got me tempted to look there daily!

    Joe i bet that was SORE man! better luck next time!

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    Im still pissed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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