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    Deutsches Jungvolk fanfare banner looks brand-new

    I saw this on another forum. Looks almost brand-new...? When it was questioned the owner came out with "these banners are mostly home-made pieces, so that there are a huge variety of styles". Sounds like a cop-out to me but what do you guys think?

    dej1.jpg dej2.jpg dej3.jpg dej4.jpg

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    As you say: it looks brand new.
    The stiching on the sig rune looks not right.
    The straps on top look quite thick.
    I do not like the whole piece.

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    Some things I see that appear okay, but with these hands on inspection is best. It's not an RZM patterned item. Plenty of RZM examples out there, so unless I had a few of these and wanted variants I would avoid this one. Would need to see hands on for a definite yes or no personally. Once you've handled good flags the fakes are obvious.

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