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    Is this Deutsches Jungvolk flag worth the money?

    I came arcoss this flag last month at a gun show. So i got the dealer to send me some pictures of the flag. So if you guys could let me know if its worth $250?

    Single Rune Marching Flag- Both hooks intact, double sided, 50x75cm, maker marked out of Hamburg. Very minor soiling. Nice shape. 250.00

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    Shane, I don't know a lot about flags, but most of the fakes I've seen had a size stamp on them like this one. Somebody here with more experience should have a better idea. Did you get the DJ strap yet?

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    any chance of close ups of markings and the metal fasteners. To bad you don't have this in hand to burn test the threads and UV the white parts because the price is very good but could be a red flag also. If it is good it is a bargain

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    Paul, what's your take on TR period flags with the size and city stamps on them?

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    very common and so should be marked. The best examples are the kriegs flag used mainly by the KM always has a size stamp and most of the time a makers stamp even some good firms in HOLLAND frequently show up. Now for the smaller banner types fanfare flags I would not expect to find a size stamp but maybe a maker



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