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    I remember in my uncles letters he talks about how the DUTCH where starving. The CANADIANS where ordered not to feed them but they in fact gave away all thier rations to the thankful people and no one was repremanded he was a big man and tells he lost some weight for a good cause


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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL AYERST View Post
    I think the grave will be the same but would be nice to confirm all is well and he is not foregotten. He stayed with a Dutch family before the push into the reich and was very good friend with many in the village name foregotten and the people even wrote back to CANADA after his death.

    Thats a great thing! and as antonio suggests, come over when you can. we'll make a feast of it....

    I already can imagine it: 20 or more of us laying drunk in the gutter

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    Mayby he just needed to loose a few pounds:tongue_smilie: Paul

    I've heard this before by other people. Anyhows, very generous of those guys. They even almost got into trubble because of it. It must be hell when you don't find any food and any help, how little it may have seemed, will have helped the civils .

    (coudn't you post one of these lettres here paul) I would love to read them....

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    THE STORY OF HOW THE Dutch WHERE SAVED FROM STARVATION BY THE CANADIANS and BRITISH is amazing even involving a cease fire with the GERMANS and air drops of food to the population

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    indeed , thats why i always like to read lettres send home from soldiers that where there in that period.

    It also add to overvieuwing what war really means.
    War is not glamourous, but hard and ruthless. and it's always the civil population that take the hardest bits.

    If you would, you can send scans :drool:to my email (

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    I do not have access to these letters any more to far away in the east.

    Just to confirm my uncle is buried in the GROESBEEK CANADIAN WAR CEMETARY


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    even better, groesbeek is even nearer where i'm going.

    no prob on the lettres, i just was drooling to see them, but what ain't in your possesion .... you can't show...

    I'll go and send the pic to you by mail too paul, if you like (free of charge of course)

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    ELECTRONIC pics are fine even better if you have a digital, anyhow much appreciated in advance


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    ok, electronic it will be

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    back to the main subject of this post does anyone know what organization the pennant represents ?

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