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    Early Deutsches Jungvolk DJ pennant with rune patch. Good one?

    Good morning,

    I just received those pictures of a DJ pennant which seems a little bit unusual due to the coloring to me. Did you ever see this kind of pennant and if yes, was it something home-made or was if official? Sorry I only have those two pictures available...

    Thank you for your help!

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    I would really need better clearer photos to give an opinion .

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    I agree with Joe. It looks very promising from the photos but would like to see better close ups. The pennant if authentic would be an early period item. Some of them were made at the local level. This style of elongated Sigrune was used prior to the establishment of the Oberbann structure when the colors patterns of the Sigrunes matched the Landesfarben or the SA Gau colors, and sometimes the rossette of Imperial helmets.
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    Thank you very much for that information, just learned something again. Will try to get better pictures of it.

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    Detail photos

    Just some more detailed photos of this nice item.
    The size of the Wimpel is 48cm x 74cm that is in inches about 19 by 29.
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    some more details

    Just to convince those who are not yet convinced that this is an original.
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    Last set of details

    The seller only sent lousy photos.
    I took the risk and was rewarded. Enjoy!
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    The pictures are very good and allow a good appreciation of the wear and age. We know that there were some oddities around early on and I wouldn't have a problem grouping this one in there with them.

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    Fantastic early DJ Pennant Christian! I really like this one, it would fit great in my collection also. Congratulations on finding and acquiring it.

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    Congratulations, you´ve made a great catch here. And you are a lucky guy with the price you paid for this item!!!

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