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    Fähnleinwimpel of the Deutsches Jungvolk


    we had the Germans MFF on this Fähnlein pennants different opinions.
    Now I'm the owner asked if I may introduce again the piece here.
    The piece is in very good condition but also mirrored.

    Look it, what do you think ...

    Thank you...

    Best regards

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    The flag appears period to me from the photos. That being said with these items in hand is always the best method to determine authenticity. Is it the same pennant in the photo? I don't thinks so as the photo shows a double tail on the pennant from what I see. Single and double tails represent different sized units.

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    It's about the originality of the piece , whether it is good or a fake

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    Originality is the question. Can we see this? What bothers me is the
    material used and above all the new looking quality, as if this flag
    was never used in the open! A brandnew flag and that after 70 years??

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    Yes, and with this type of Fähnlein Wimpel being replaced in 1935 the design is even older than that. I would agree with Wim. It looks too immaculate to be that old and although the addition of the runic pattern on one side suggests that this Wimpel was used, it certainly doesn't display any signs of that.

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    Hello Wim and Garry ,

    first thanks for the quick reply .
    That is also exactly what I said to this flag in the German MFF . The buyer then has always told me it has been found the piece by a specialist in the WAF for good.
    That's why I have it here again presented after consultation with the buyer .

    Best regards

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    I am the owner of the banner!
    in both forums found to be good!


    Link zum WAF:

    LINK zum Militariafundforum: DJ Wimpel/Fahne - Militaria Fundforum

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    for me too ,the white is too ...white!and the metal hook is perfect whithout rust.
    ALL FLAGS i have see are not totaly white because of dust and UV.

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    Is the shown flag from this forum, the same one as shown at WAF?
    Look at the material. Too me it looks different.

    HJ-forum: look at the coarse material, especially well
    visible with the black!
    DJ Fahne (4).JPG

    WAF: look at the quite smooth material from
    this flag with the black, as shown by "Lothringen" at WAF. By the
    way the white is here not so white and shows yellowish stains.....


    Or is the difference caused by the way of photographing??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ullix View Post

    I am the owner of the banner!
    in both forums found to be good!


    Link zum WAF:

    LINK zum Militariafundforum:
    Hi there,

    I don't see any convincing arguments for the item on those threads. Many of the posters are not sure. The most positive of them are maxx, the guy who enabled the sale of the Wimpel to you and OFW who I assume is the flag expert you mentioned. You seem to have purchased the Wimpel based mainly on what OFW said over on WAF and where he showed a page from a Bernhard Richter catalogue containing a Wimpel with corner panel, without pockets and without corner ties. The same page from the 1933 Richter catalogue looks exactly the same by the way. Anyway, OFW seems to compare the Bernhard Richter Wimpel directly with yours before saying that your Wimpel is mid-1930s and fine "IMO". He seems to be basing that on the Assmann clip and a catalogue which shows a different item. I'm not personally convinced by that reasoning.

    The Wimpel looks good (too good actually), has the correct dimensions, convincing clips but... an authentic 1935* Fähnleinwimpel will be 81 years old this year. Based on the photos here yours doesn't seem to show any signs that it has reached anything close to that age and that is what worries me. I have owned a few Wimpel and flags in the past (including an early swallowtail DJ Jungenschaftswimpel) and it was obvious that they they were old things. They had little tears, scuffs, general signs of use and that typical smell of old cloth. I can't smell your Wimpel of course but I don't see any of the other stuff other than slight damage to the tail. Perhaps you just got extremely lucky with this one and I hope that's the case but it really does look new.

    *This type of Wimpel was phased out in 1935.

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