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    Flag pole HJ related?

    I bought this flag pole without knowing 100% what exactly it was for. The seller said it could have been HJ related. It it made of brass (I suppose) and has names engraved around the ball. It is quite heavy...
    Does anyone know what I have here? And also what it could be worth?

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    Could be anything, even church-related.
    Maybe the names on the pole top could help.
    Could you please put them here?

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    Sure no problem:

    T. Würzl
    F. Wagner
    E. Urban
    P. Schöller
    E. Schöller

    Did such flag poles exist within the youth organisations? I did not find any info yet...

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    That one does have a slight similarity to early HJ pole tops (Fahnenspitzen) but I don't think it has anything to do with the HJ (especially because it has names on it and has a tassle). Here's a nice pic of HJ and DJ flags in 1935 showing the correct "dagger" pole tops.

    1935 Bensheim.jpg

    Check out the Bernhard Richter Fahnenfabrik catalogue from around 1933 here. As a Gold member you can download it. It shows pole tops similar to yours.

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