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    You should send money Peter, but he wrote to me that did not receive проверте - once again.
    Send to me it is back - mine Cherkesska

    I will hold all in a course of it.

    John - I wrote you many letters but you did not answer me!
    Therefore I write here.

    I can tell one - you have lost very rich and the big client, ask at Peter!!

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    You did not send payment for Cossacks hat, it should receive Peter 1 one month ago, but has not received. He wrote to you but you have not answered it.
    You have probably forgotten..... You do not wish to give 600$?????

    The best to solve this problem.

    1) you have sent 1 Cossacks hat (red top) Peter it has received - O.k.
    2) 1 Hat it is sold - but money is not sent Peter as I asked. You offered me TRADE - but also it is not made!
    3) to return Black Cherkesska...

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    Dimitri this problem is supposed to be over two years old. John has answered and offered you a solution ref what he still has the coat. Send him your address and get it done. You must notice that we all feel John is a very above board dealer and I do not wish to see or hear any more accusations without air tight proof.
    I do not feel you have any right to ask it to be send to a third party namely Peter so get this done send your address to John without any further accusations and be done with it . He says monies where sent I believe him and know he could prove it. Take your jacket back as that is the most you will ever gain after this amount of time.

    after two years you got more done in 24 hrs run with it you are lucky John is so honest and still has the item.


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