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    Hitler Youth HJ Gefolgschaft flag 2/323 - opinions please

    Here is a Gefolgschaft I picked up a couple days ago. I still don't know much about it.

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    , I must say this flag is not like regulation HJ flags. The corner panel is not right and the stitching of the numbers looks different to
    exmples. The flag contruction is odd. Most important difference to regulation Gefolgschaft flags is the number and the type of pole attachments. There should be seven of them and they should be rings, not clips like your flag has. What size has your flag?

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    The flag is non-standard. The corner patch has the type of cord (around the corner panel) used in the early period. However, it has the post-1935 numbering convention. This is an immediate conflict. Flags made after the period where this numbering convention (Gefolgschaft/Bann) came into use were standardised. They had seven rings, they had black cord around the corner panel and the panel itself was normally not cotton like this one.

    However... the killer fact is that Bann 323 didn't exist until 1936 so the flag is going to have to try really hard to explain why it looks like that over a year after the regulation on the new flags was issued... In that configuration it cannot be a Traditionsfahne of course so that option is out of the question.

    I wouldn't go for this flag if I were in the market for one.

    There is a lot of info on the forum about the flags and pennants used by the formations of the Hitler Youth and it's well worth searching for it.

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