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    HJ bunting?

    Received these last week with the armband , i hope to use these as part of a small display , thanks to darin who helped sway the deal as the seller was wary of shipping over the pond
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    Wow beautifull new addition Steve

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    Glad they finally made it through customs Steve. No thanks are necessary. I was just stating the facts. Every deal I've had with you has been smooth and worry-free.

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    Thanks darin ,yes cutoms got their pound of flesh ,,, well 23 to be exact


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    Nice,bunting always gives a display a small amount of WOW factor.Could you for those of us that are some what in the dark explain this customs problem why so much?......maybe in the general information area?


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    Hi Wally
    Not much to say really ,its hit and miss dependant on wether the knuckle heads are busy or not i had to pay 11 VAT (value added tax) for an item not even purchased in this country, that is 15% then 12 for the courier company to get the packaged released, a few times items will sail through and other times a run of payments , you can dispute the charge but its not worth it as the customs people leave common sense on the door step when they leave home:D

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    Nice little group Steve!



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    whoooo that make a nice display


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    Very nice Kamerade .
    Thank you for posting.

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