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    HJ Flag Pole Bayonet Top

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    Hey Darin
    Were was it posted ?

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    It was on Ebay Germany Joe. It was textbook and had a section of the black pole about 1 or 2 inches long left in it. There were three of us watching it, and then it dissapeared. Someone must have made an offer. Forgot to mention that the seller had no idea of what is was. It was listed as an old bayonet.

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    All may not be lost, seller contacted me and informed me Ebay had pulled the auction. What's the going rate for a good bayonet style flag pole top? Sorry no pics but it was righteous.

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    minimum 250.00 max 450.00 pick a number in between

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    Thanks Paul.

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    sounds good dar, keep us informed how you get on

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    Seller is asking around 175 euro.

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    SIGHT UNSEEN sounds like a good value, have seen them go much higher


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    Thanks again Paul, I am considering it, but so many good straps up right now also.

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