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    YUP TO MUCH CANDY gotta watch those blood sugars

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    Well compared for what the normal price of it could be a good price.

    As Paul said, 250 USD - 450 USD is the normal price. This would be 244 USD + Porto.

    Tough decission, blood accelerating a little bit and I guess you have an Angel in your right shoulder and a Devil in your left one:)

    Good Luck.



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    Hey Darin
    If you dont want it , could give the dealer my email address ?

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    I made my best offer but if they turn that down I'll give them your email Joe.

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    Seller wants to take my offer but I am insisting on Paypal, they want cash or IBAN. I told them today I would cover paypal fees etc. and if no paypal no deal.

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    good stick to your guns with paypal you are protected and I get very suspicious when they won't accept it


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    Exactly Paul. There's plenty of stuff out there to be had from reliable sources, no need for me to take a risk.

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    Funny, seller contacted me again and now has a paypal account. Waiting for more pictures to come before sealing the deal.

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    was wondering what happened with this keep us informed

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    Just a teaser for now, more pics when it's in hand!


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