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    Jungmädel-Untergau 317 Wimpel pennant

    This one, the first BDM pennant, and the AHS banner had to be my favorites.
    The stitching on this one and the bdm equivalent (shown first) was mind blowing.
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    Jungmädelschar I/13 Siegen Wimpel pennant

    very early. I think my ony one with twisted cord on the perimeter.
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    Jungmädelgruppe 12/928 Wimpel pennant

    Radum, Gebiet Generalgouvernment......
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    another jm
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    Mädechenschaft II Waldenburg Wimpel pennant

    Well, this is the last one.
    Too bad I don't have the Landjahr pennant.
    It looked like the 16 / 740 BDM pennant shown above except had a script "Landjahr". Very cool

    Well, I hope you enjoyed the show.

    I'll rewatch the dvd when I get a chance, and if the quality (audio & visual) is not too bad, I may place copies in the "Sale Trench". I also had about 15 pieces and other stuff you would expect to find in a collection.

    kevin s
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    that was one hell of a collection, some of the pices in there are amazing the hitler schule one is my fav, did you sell them as a collection or did they go to different people

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    WOW ...
    That is a stunning display of banners im with stu on the hitler schule banner just lovely ,, how much would a collection like that be worth now ..

    Thanks for posting these ....


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    Kevin, great collection of flags you had there. Thanks for showing some examples of not often seen and rare HJ items. I think a certain collector from Maryland has or had some of these after you sold them. Just awesome to see these are still around somewhere.

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    Simply amazing! That was a beautiful collection that you had.
    I would love to have the BDM pennant in post 21 in my hand right now.
    Thanks for posting them for us to see.

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    Thanks a lot guys, I was (am still am) proud of what I was able to put together. Wait until you see the uniform thread.

    Bill Shea told me once that "We don't own history, we lease it".
    So in that regards, I enjoyed my lease on the flags quite a bit. :)

    Oh also one my favorites was the completely hand oil-painted bdm pennant. Absioutely incredible. Like a old masterpiece, the paint had spiderweb cracking, but it was all there and not loose. I have larger higer res photos of most if not all of these, so if any of these really turn you on, PM me with an e-mail and I can send the larger scan.

    kevin s

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