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    HJ Gefolgschaft flag 26/471 - early flag converted in 1935?

    This flag is "wrong" if you go by the regulations but it just looks "right". The fringe is something you would see on some early HJ flags but the locally made corner patch shows the Gefolgschaft numbering convention introduced in 1935. It got me thinking that this might be an early flag that was updated because flags and pennants that had been in use prior to January 30th 1933 were given the title of "Traditionsfahne" and could continue to be carried, even if they did not meet the new requirements on appearance and size. Although we can't say for certain that this is such a flag, we have a few possible reasons for why it looks so non-regulation.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts on this one?


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    Just saw a corner patch from an
    flag with stitching (the numbers) that is very similar to that on the HJ flag (first number small / second number large).


    Now, there were definitely fringed HJ formation flags like this early on but that corner patch does look very "
    ". Mmmm... Not liking this flag as much as I did yesterday :)

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    Early HJ flag with fringe .
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    Thanks Joe. That's the type I'm thinking about

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    Anytime Garry , I have an extensive reference of photos , mostly from ebay copied and pasted while the auctions were still on going . I dont use these images to reproduce for anykind of profit , just reference and when needed to help out with the forum .

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    Here's a Fähnlein flag with a corner patch like the Gef. flag in post #1:


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    I like the Fahnlienfahne. I would really like to see it in hand, but it sure looks legit, odd but legit, to me. The sizing appears to be sort of square also from that photo.

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    I think I would err on the side of genuine too Darin.

    Joe, here's another of the early fringed HJ flags:


    This pic shows Gebietsführer Jahn consecrating a HJ flag in Berlin in 1932/3. Now, that flag he is using (the one on the right) is really interesting. Clearly it's very important but I don't know what it is and it would be good to find out. I'm scratching my head trying to remember a discussion that we all had about the HJ "Blutfahne" and I seem to remember the flag in this photo being mentioned in some way. Wim might remember that discussion actually so hopefully he'll chip in.

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