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    HJ item?

    Hello all,
    New member here posting for first time. I have a banner that I had posted on another forum a few years ago and someone said that it might be related to the HJ because of the swastica being in a square instead of being in a circle. It's also possible that it has nothing at all to do with the HJ so if anyone has any ideas please let me know. If my translation of the item is correct the person, Eugen Billig took office in town hall on april 4th 1933. I was also told that perhaps this item would have been worn over the shoulders of the person during a ceremony...again I have no idea and any help or information regarding this item or any info on the person or how to find out about this person would be appreciated. Well i just realized I cannot post pictures so if anyone can supply info on the name of this person that too would be helpful.
    Thanks again,

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    Hello all,
    I posted this query awhile ago but was not able to post any pictures until now. Here is the item I was referring to. I had posted this on another forum awhile ago and someone had mentioned that this might have something to do with the HJ because of the swastica being in a square rather than a circle...I have no idea. Again any information on what this item is and if it has any relation to the HJ would be appreciated.

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    As you'll already be aware Bill, Google doesn't throw up much in the way of specifics but if we assume that 'Papa Hilden' is a term of endearment and that it points to a connection with the town of Hilden which at that time was part of the district Düsseldorf-Mettmann then there is a reference in the chronicle of the Hilden carnival society (Prinzengarde der Stadt Düsseldorf - Leibgarde des Prinzen Karneval) for an Eugen Billig who was the chairman (and possible founding member as the society came into being in that year) from 1928 to 1929. I'm having no luck in connecting him with a municipal post in Hilden or Düsseldorf in 1933 but I'll keep looking. Difficult to know of course whether he was appointed to a post on the town council on the date shown or whether the town hall was simply the location for the ceremony.

    Certainly so far there is no connection to the HJ so perhaps the shape of the HK is pure coincidence. I'll keep looking and will post anything I find here.

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    Garry thank you much for your help and information about this banner. I believe that I had also found that information about the Hilden carnival society but didn't really know where that fit into the picture or if as you say it is the same person or what.
    As far as whether this person was appointed to a municipal post or what I don't read German but the gist of one of the translations I was given was the wording "Dedicated to Eugen Billig upon his taking office at city hall 4/4/1933 so I always assumed that he must have been elected to some sort of position within town hall or local govt. and not that it was just the place where a ceremony took place...but again I don't read German so can only go by what I have been told or translations I have gotten. Being that the text had something to do with town hall, I myself never really thought it had anything to do with the HJ but figured I'd put it on this forum for any feedback. I thank you again for your help and if you find out anything else it is much appreciated.
    much thanks

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    No probs Bill. I guessed that you had already made the connection to the Karneval society :) Wiki also has a page for the Prinzengarde and I've asked the author whether he has access to more on the Eugen Billig listed there so if he answers or I come across anything else I'll be sure to add it here.

    Great item by the way!

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    Garry I just want to thank you again for your help and info. And appreciate any info you might run across. Thanks again

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