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    HJ Pole Top and Gefolgschafts Flag


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    The pole top is a real cracker Paul, looks to be in great condition.

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    ya not unused though judging from the securing hole so must have been short used and well stored over the past several decades

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    ARRIVED TODAY and both pieces are virtually mint shape with some storage dirt on the flag it was never used captured right out of the supply house and back to a box in the states for 70 years OF NOTE THE FLAG HAS ALL ORIGINAL RINGS INTACT
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    You problibly have the nicest HJ/DJ pole topper around Paul , congratulations .

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    A nice set Paul. I agree with Joe, the topper looks like it's in great condition.

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    thanks guys am very pleased with this deal out of the US got my price, a feel good deal for sure . Have it mounted on a pole ready to set up in my room.

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    Display it with pride Paul :-) aaaand, should the Americans ever attack, you will have a nice stabbing tool-on-pole, for long reach!

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    I can do better than that and reach out further

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    awesome set paul!

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