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    Question Jungmädel pennant (Wimpel) for Jungmädelgruppe 44/203

    thinking of buying pennant would like some of your thoughts it, olso were its from ? thanks

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    This is a formation Wimpel/pennant for Jungmädelgruppe 44, Jungmädeluntergau 203. We don't have a location for the Jungmädelgruppe currently but the Jungmädeluntergau name/location can be found here (access for Full Members - see HERE for more info)

    Did you take the pictures using a flash? Would it be possible to see some shots in natural light please? First impression is good at the moment though.

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    here are some shots with no flash
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    What are its dimensions? Can you show a close-up of one of the clips?

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    the dim. are about 22" / 40", here are some more photos . thanks for the help!
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    Looks absolutely fine. Nice Wimpel

    Just to be sure can I ask how you measured it? A or B?


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    it was measured with b, 22"/ 38" not 40" my bad. thanks again ,Garry

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    No probs :) The dimensions for these pennants are shown in the period publications as in pic A. I'm sure it will be but the long side of your Wimpel should be close to 50.

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