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    Kinderschar Pennant

    Could someone please provide information about this pennant, specifically about the writing embroidered on it? Thank you.German Pennat 1a.jpgGerman Pennant 1b.jpgGerman Pennant 1c.jpgGerman Pennant 1d.jpg

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    I forgot to post this image as well!German Pennant 1e.jpg

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    Hi Frances,
    this is a nice period item. 100% original in my opinion. The embroidery looks absolutely ok to me.
    The colours show that it is from the Kinderschar organisation.
    There were several other pre HJ organisations within the German Youthmovement which also used the Wolfsangel, but never in this colour combination.
    This Kinderschar was located near the Westpark in the famous West-German town of Aachen.
    If you type Westpark and Aachen into Google and select the map, you can see this well known park clearly.
    Interesting item, thank you for sharing and thank you for the good photos.

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    I agree with Christian. This wimpel looks absolutely period made.

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    Christian and Gefolgschaft, thank you for providing this information! Would you know what time period this pennant was used?

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    The monthly magazin Die Deutsche Kinderschar was started in January 1933,
    in August 1934 the title was changed to Wolfsangel.
    My last edition of this magazine is from February 1935.
    You will find some nice pictures and some good information if you type
    Kinderschar or Wolfsangel into the search function / query function.
    There you will also find a photo of two boys holding a Wimpel which looks pretty much like yours.

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    Thank you Christian!

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    And because it is Christmas I am going to share a few pics from the Kinderschar magazine WOLFSANGEL,
    First is number 8 from 1934, second is number 2 from 1935: Enjoy!
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    Christian, the pictures of the pennant in use make a nice Christmas gift! Thank you again.

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    JUST SUPER and RARE pics. Here is my contribution first posted four years ago when still really unknown and with the wide web of collectors here we see it in wear thanks for posting makes my day
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