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    Gefolgschaft 49 of Bann "L" Munich. Incorrectly listed for sale at Regimental Depot as a Landjahr flag for sale at the time of this post.

    Edit: After some discussion with Carl the owner of Regimental Depot he states he is revising the description of the flag on his site.
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    Excellent. Thanks Darin

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    Gefolgschaft 7/160 flag added


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    BDM Mädelgruppe 18/365
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    Thanks very much Mike!

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    Fähnleinfahne 3 / 385

    My new flag. However, it was already introduced here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Thanks very much Mike!
    No problem Garry; I had been looking a long time for one of these at a good price & finally found one. A bit salty ... but it has character.

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    The BDM Mädelgruppe pennant is the one that eluded me when I was trying to put a set together a few years back. I had the DJ Fähnlein, JM-Gruppe and HJ Gefolgschaft but the only BDM I could find were just too expensive. Oh well, the chase was good fun though :)

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    BDM Mädelgruppe 81/171
    JM-Gruppe 19/767


    171.jpg 767.png

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    BDM Mädelgruppe 1/766 added - awaiting pictures.

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