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    Exclamation Motor-HJ Gefolgschaftfahne for opinions


    I have the opportunity to acquire this set. Everything seems genuine but I prefer to ask before your opinions. Thanks for your help.

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    the pole and topper are very nice , am reserved about the unit designator patch as the material looks odd so would need it in hand to be sure so shop it around a bit for some more local opinions

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    I agree with Paul, the canton panel should be almost a canvas like material. It looks like felt or doeskin from the photos shown. Hard to tell for sure from the photos what the details are, the rest of the Fahne looks pretty good to me.

    Edit, The size of the canton panel looks off also. Very strange it looks really small to me.
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    Compare the size of the Canton panel to a standard HJ Gefolgschaftsfahe, it appears oddly smaller. Perhaps a modified standard HJ Fahne with the unit added at some point, maybe period, maybe post war? Or is this Motor Fahne a larger size than a standard Gefolgschaftsfahne so the Canton panel appears smaller?
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    it seems the fakers are getting the chain stitching down to a science now and you see a few of these patches as stand alones on dealers sites more and more so it is probable real flags are being enhanced. Hope yours is a good one .

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    Thanks for your replies Indeed the size of the patch is not the one usually seen and the construction looks different. Is this legitimate? I do not know. Dimensions of the flag : 180x113cm.
    The lot is not overpriced I think (1000€) but if exist doubts I will pass on this one.
    All comments are welcome.

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    I would seek additional comments on this one, perhaps Eric, Wim, or Sven will have some useful information. I am not ready to say for sure good or bad, I see a lot of things I like on this one, the Canton panel is the only odd thing I notice.

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    The pole and Bayonet topper look good to me , but I think the pole topper is replaced but a good one . I would make an offer on the pole and topper by themselves ,if you can as they are 100 times harder to find than an HJ or DJ flag with rings . Personally I do not like the panel .

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