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    my Hitler youth pennant

    my new pennant was wondering about the border. my only thought were to keep it from fraying. maybe you guys could give me some insight.

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    I took my pennant to a long time collector and a personal friend he looked it over and told me it was reinforced like that because it was a car pennant. how come none of the others on this site are not reinforced in this way?

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    I dont think it can be proven as an automobile pennant , however ; it looks good to me from your photos . My guess ...this pennant was worn affixed to a motorcycle .

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    a righteous item for sure, and has been home reinforced for use on a bicycle for which they where normally used or even a motorized vehicle for sure

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    thank you very much for the info . when I get time I will post some press release photos I have. my youth collection is very small right now . I have this pennant about 4 or 5 pictures 2 youth day tinnies and 3 buckles and a bread bag. I also have what I have been told was a bdm knife but I see that is a controversial thing to call it. I will post pictures as time allows . thank you all

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    Welcome to the forum Keith. Looking forward to seeing your collection

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    The pennant could also be for a vessel of some sort like a small sailing boat IMO.

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