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    That has got to be the most amazing HJ banner/flag collection i have ever seen amazing Steve

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    thanks again guys they are not easy to come by but when they do boy are they great thanks again

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    lot of eye candy there think I had better check my blood sugars they must be elevated after seeing this amazing collection:tongue_smilie:

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    To be redundant fabulous group you have.You may inflate your ego now.

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    I can't stop looking at these - what should I be prescribed? :drool:



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    I agree russ , i keep having a look and wondering which one i would have given the chance , but how could you decide ..... you would want them all..


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    Excellent Steve. These really are very nice and desirable items. Someone on the old forum had a Jungbann and a Bann flag and I seem to remember that he didn't know what he had until they were identified on the forum. You should have those too :) I'm still using the eagle from his Jungbann flag in my avatar because I was so surprised to see it turn up out of the blue.

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    Do you reckon that back in the day they just saw these as equipment rather than something that would be insanely desirable now?

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    they where kids i bet they where very proud to carry them but never gave a second though to future value

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    Certainly for the formation flags and pennants (Gefolgschaft level and above) they were treated with great respect and pride and weren't viewed as equipment. Flags and pennants at that level had to be given a 'heil' salute by passers-by and I've read of cases where an over-zealous HJ leader would run over to those who had not paid the flag sufficient respect and rip into them. There were meticulously planned ceremonies designed to achieve little more than moving a flag from one place to another and there are many regulations which govern the care, display and carrying of flags. Retrieving a Bann flag provided enough fun to last a whole day.

    THE flag was the HJ flag though and it had precedence over all others (DJ etc). A DJ flag was not permitted to be run up a flagpole unless only DJ were present (on a DJ summer camp for example). Even then it could only be raised if a HJ lager flag was raised next to it.

    A lot of the flags and pennants were burnt by the boys and girls rather than allowing them to fall into the hands of the enemy so even late on that pride was still there in some quarters. I used to own a Fähnlein flag which had been taken home by one of the boys and hidden to prevent it being destroyed or stolen as war booty.

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