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    "National Sozialistische Deutscher Studentenbund" pennant???

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    a tough one,...on topic.ive made a rule for my collection,.to strictly stick to RZM marked/tagged piece', impulse purchases are too much of a risk.,so many fakes,its an expensive hobby at the best of times,without the purchasing of post war fantasy piece'.but thats just me.honestly i have no idea about this one.could be made in the 50's/60's hence the visual ageing of the piece.could very well be origional,but personally ive made the decision to stick to a 100% no doubt rule.i dont feel comfortable displaying a piece in my collection & having that feeling that its farce.


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    It's not a HJ item so I can't assist with info from the old literature. Wim Saris may well be able to help though so hopefully he'll see the thread.

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    In between my six weeks voluntary aid/coach assignment I saw
    this thread.
    It looks as NS. Deutscher Studentenbund with the two stripes
    and the specific "Raute" with swastika, but if this is an original
    pennant, I have no idea?
    I wonder why the pennant is edged in white. There is not much
    information to be found in manufacturer's catalogues!

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