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    New arrivals: DJ Jungenschaft and JM Mädelschaft pennants (Wimpel) pennant

    These two beauties arrived today. Sorry only small pics at the moment. Sadly on both pennants not all metal hooks are still there.

    Any ideas on what the sword (?) on the back of the DJ one stand for?

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    Great looking pennants. I really the DJ version. Perhaps a member here with experience in Germanic heraldry with have an idea of what region used that sword symbol.

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    It's a nice design Michael but I don't think that the sword has any particular meaning. Runes, heraldic items (as Darin mentioned), weapons, names of famous military leaders etc were all popular motifs. To a great extent they were given free rein on that side of the pennant. Interesting to see the swastika in red.

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    Hi Garry, thanks for your opinion, sounds very valid!

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    I think on the first Wimpel we see the Tiwaz rune:
    Tiwaz rune - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    On the second Wimpel it might be a sword. It could also be a Mjölnir (Thor's hammer):
    Mjölnir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Just my ideas.
    I own a large flag with a red swastika from 1933, it is not a Jungvolk flag.
    It is from the Deutsche Freischar a youth organisation which was forbidden in 1933.
    So it might not have been too uncommon in 1933 and before to use a red swastika.

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    The Tiwaz rune seems correct, the second one I agree with you, either a sword or the Thor´s hammer. The red swastika I cannot say anything about...

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