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    Streifendienst Gefolgschaft flag

    Has anyone ever seen one of these? They are described in the regulations as being the same as the standard Gefolgschaft flag but with the corner patch reversed i.e white stitched letters on black instead of black on white.

    Not all Banne were able to raise a full
    -Gefolgschaft so there will have been fewer of these flags authorised and therefore even fewer would have survived but surely at least a couple did?

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    I've seen photos of one in a collection in Maryland.

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    I sold mine so can't check myself but are any shown in the modern HJ reference books (Angolia etc)?

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    None shown in any books I have Garry. It was in Jeff's collection, he had some spectacular flags.

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    Thanks for the info Darin

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    I have never seen one but I sure would like to .

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    same here joe

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    No IRL flags currently but Sonny found a rare period photograph of an
    flag (albeit a non-regulation one with black lettering on white): HERE

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    Gefolgschaft flag here (front row):


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