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    Thoughts on HJ Flag (Heinrich Müller, München)

    Hi. Any thoughts on this flag? I'd say it measures about
    20" by 28". Very nice size for display; very nice condition. Nice markings. Seems a little expensive at $400?

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    I don't like it Douglas. Do you think it's a period flag....?

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    Well, I did. But that doesn't sound good. What troubles you on this one? I'm always suspicious of TR items, but I did think this one looked good.

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    no probs for me, i would buy it. i think the flash makes the swaz look too fresh, but the stamp is ok,

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    What does the "FLG" on the stamp stand for?

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    im not sure but i cant recall seeing a HJ flag with HJ flg written on it????? anyone got one to show

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    Maybe that marking is too conspicious; could be entirely bogus. The construction sure looked good, and certainly would fool me if it were a reproduction. I don't know.

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    although I can not show a HJ fanne it was common on other flags such as the common kriegs fanne
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    good input paul , as i said, i see no problem with the flag

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