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    Trying to reconstruct DJ and BDM flags from my town

    I've been trying to reconstruct flags of DJ and BDM from my hometown of Brasov (Kronstadt), Romania, based on this information:

    Very rare document of DJ in Romania - Bann 1 Kronstadt !!!!!
    Listing of Deutsche Jugend Banne outside the Reich

    Here's what I've got so far, what do you think? Do they look correct?

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    I should try to explain myself, I'm trying to reconstruct them as illustration to a book about life in my hometown during WWII.

    I've only seen the DJ organization here, no HJ mentioned anywhere. As listed in Der DJ-Führer from 1944, Kronstadt/Brasov was Bann 1 (so I've recreated the flag of Gefolgschafts 1 / Bann 1). I've tried the same thing with the BDM pennant, but I'm not very sure if I inscribed the Gruppe number correctly.

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    Hi Alex,

    in my opinion, DJ stands in this case for "Deutschen Jugend", that were the youth organsiastions of German minorities in foreign countries.
    Important: DJ in The Rech meant "Deutsches Jungvolk" as part of the HJ. So please don't mix both organsisations! They are completely different.
    So I fear that your illustrations are wrong because of this missunderstanding.


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    I've seen pictures of the Deutsche Jugend in Romania and they were using the sieg rune (on scene curtains) and the swastikas. So I assumed they also used the sieg flag. They clearly used the rhomboidal badge, with the HJ pattern, but DJ markings:

    I believe we had a similar situation with DJ in Croatia, what were their flags looking like?

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    Here are 2 pictures from 1943 with Romanian DJ doing some artistic performances in Kronstadt (Brasov) and Temeschburg (Timisoara). You can clearly see the Sieg rune being used in my hometown. Sorry for the quality, they were taken with a phone.

    DJKronstadt.jpg DJTemeschburg.jpg

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