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    Winkler Dresden price list - flag pole tops

    My friend Wickie showed at WAF some material related to flags.
    Epecially the flag-top part intrigues, as there are mentioned:
    Fahrtenmesser mit B.d.M.-Abzeichen and HJ-Abzeichen mit aufgehender Sonne.

    I do include the text and a page shown at WAF. I am sure Wickie doesn't mind showing it here!



    Is the saying "Fahrtenmesser mit B.d.M.-Abzeichen" the possible reason daggers were made as being for the B.D.M on post-war dealers requests???

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    Hi Wim. Are we talking about a flag pole top in the shape of a HJ knife, with the BDM sign on the flag? or with the BDM sign on the actual flag pole top knife?
    What year are we talking about here for this catalog, 1933-1934? A similar selection of items as the Bernhard Richter Catalog....

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    The text says: Fahrtenmesser mit B.d.M-Abzeichen as a flag-pole top. As I do not
    have an image I do not know how it should look like. Neither do I know if the
    text-part is from a Richter-cataloque! Do you have images?

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    The pole top text-part is from a Winkler, Dresden-cataloque, which must be a cataloque from about early 1933.

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    The Richter catalog only pictures and mentions the HJ with rising sun as a flag, and not as a flag pole top, BUT.... on the same page about pole tops, (p.7.) it mentions about flag pole tops that they can be ordered with any Emblem on that a person wanted. So surely there will also be a few flag pole tops around that are not standard, that collectors may possibly think are bad because they are not pictured in any catalog..... but around that time, 1933-34 it was possible.
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