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    Adolf Hitler Schule Riesa

    hello ,i ve since many years 2 document (Zeugnis +Versetzung-zeugnis ) about a youth e was at the
    (STädtische Oberschule für Jungen RIESA ) in RIESA near Meißen in SACHSEN for the years 42-43 .
    Problem : i found no school or informations about !!
    If somebody has some informations about ...
    tanks for you help

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    Maybe someone can research what
    schools were established in the SACHSEN Gebiet area.

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    Hi Bertl,

    The school in Riesa wasn't an "Adolf Hitler Schule" (
    ) in the sense that
    Ilfeld etc were. Going back to 1933 there would appear to have been a number of schools that were known as "Adolf-Hitler-Schulen". For example in 1933 (4 years before the institution of the
    system) the Klingenberg-Oberrealschule in Frankfurt carried the name "Adolf-Hitler-Schule"1. Another example would be the Landrat-Lucas Gymnasium in Leverkusen. In 1933 it was known as the Adolf-Hitler-Realgymnasium mit Oberrealschule and was the first school to use Hitler's name. In 1937 it was renamed to Adolf-Hitler-Schule – Städtische Oberschule für Jungen2 but neither of these schools were part of the
    system. Seems strange that schools that were not "
    " like Ilfeld and Waldbröl were permitted to use Hitler's name but it seems to have happened none the less. The school in Riesa retained the name until 19453

    Here's a postcard of the school in Riesa:

    AH Riesa.jpg

    3 MaxPlanck49

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    thanks gary for this informations ,very interessant and for the adresses too


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