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    Adolf Hitler Schule Riesa

    hello ,i ve since many years 2 document (Zeugnis +Versetzung-zeugnis ) about a youth e was at the AHS (STädtische Oberschule für Jungen RIESA ) in RIESA near Meißen in SACHSEN for the years 42-43 .
    Problem : i found no school or informations about !!
    If somebody has some informations about ...
    tanks for you help

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    Maybe someone can research what AHS schools were established in the SACHSEN Gebiet area.

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    Hi Bertl,

    The school in Riesa wasn't an "Adolf Hitler Schule" (AHS) in the sense that AHS Waldbröl, AHS Ilfeld etc were. Going back to 1933 there would appear to have been a number of schools that were known as "Adolf-Hitler-Schulen". For example in 1933 (4 years before the institution of the AHS system) the Klingenberg-Oberrealschule in Frankfurt carried the name "Adolf-Hitler-Schule"1. Another example would be the Landrat-Lucas Gymnasium in Leverkusen. In 1933 it was known as the Adolf-Hitler-Realgymnasium mit Oberrealschule and was the first school to use Hitler's name. In 1937 it was renamed to Adolf-Hitler-Schule – Städtische Oberschule für Jungen2 but neither of these schools were part of the AHS system. Seems strange that schools that were not "AHS" like Ilfeld and Waldbröl were permitted to use Hitler's name but it seems to have happened none the less. The school in Riesa retained the name until 19453

    Here's a postcard of the school in Riesa:

    AH Riesa.jpg

    3 MaxPlanck49

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    thanks gary for this informations ,very interessant and for the adresses too


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