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    Flieger-Technische Vorschule Bremen-Hemelingen

    Flieger-Technische Vorschule Bremen-Hemelingen.

    I bought these 9 photos resently. They were sold as "9 x Kaserne der Flieger Technische Vorschule Bromberg + Bremen Hemelingen".

    210814-52.jpg . 210814-52a.jpg

    I don't think the text "Bromberg" on the back of the photos is correct. Bromberg is Bydgoszcz in present-day Poland 107 km NE of PoznaÅ„ (Posen). In 1919 Bromberg was assigned to Poland by the Paris Peace Conference and the Versailles Treaty. From 1939–45 Bydgoszcz was occupied by Germany.

    The airfield existed prewar as an airfield of the Polish Air Force. In addition to its Luftwaffe reserve training and replacement mission, it served as an aircraft ferrying and replacement hub for much of the Eastern Front during the second half of 1944. But there were no Fl. Tech. Vorschule.

    One of the photos show a model of Fl. Tech. Vorschule Bremen-Orlebshausen, and I think that alle the fotos are from there. It needs more research to be completely sure.

    In 1937 a new Focke-Wulf factory was built in Bremen-Hemelingen, including training workshops. The students (Militärschüler) from the afilliated Fl. Tech. Vorschule were housed in Sebaldsbrück.

    List of the Flieger-Technische Vorschule (Aeronautical Preparatory Technical Schools)

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    From the group/class photo ... the boys seem to be wearing the twill short blouse worn mostly at special schools tucked in there shorts .

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    In 1958 the sale of the former Fliegertechnische Vorschule in Bremen-Hemelingen, Saarburgerstrasse 50-56 in the municipality of Bremen, was approved by the Federal Republic of Germany, and the buyer was the municipality of Bremen. The price was 1.071.039 DM.

    The buildings were used by Bremen as a auxiliary hospital from October 1945.

    German documents that contains this information:


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