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    Help to identify Cufftitle

    ...could it be named " Reichsführerschulung " ????

    I couldn't find this one anywhere...

    Thanks in front



    ( sorry , my keyboard "t" sometimes tilt a little )

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    The last part reads in my opinion as: ....landverschickung, so it can be

    There is another thread about it. Have a look!!
    Dutch - Kinderlandverschickung

    (photo: Dutch)
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    Yes , your first keyword " Kindverschickung" was a good idea... I have made a few more scans and tried to get it sharper; after that it makes sense ...... then I found by virtue of your first keyword , the word could be :
    " Kinderlandverschickung " .

    Just I read your edited post. Yes it must be Kinderlandverschickung ( I found by virtue of the new name also the cufftitle in the i-net ).
    ( On the reverse of the photo is written: "Lagerleiter + Lmf ".

    Again thanks, Wilhelm !



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    Nice photo ! Lmf is the abbreviation for Lagermanschaftsführer.

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    Thanks also for that info !

    here a part from the left part of the image... the LMF


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