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    HJ school mehlem/Bad Godesberg question

    Hello fellow collectors. I am looking for any information related to HJ school in the Mehlem/ Bad Godesberg area. Ive found informAtion saying it was a Reichfuhereschule and have also seen some info refering it to a Gebeitsführerschule? And just rcently on a thread here Ive learned that
    actually stands for Reichsfinanzschule and not Reichsführerschule? Very confusing!

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    Hi there,

    When found on shoulder straps (example) "
    " stands for "Reichsfinanzschule".

    There were male and female Hitler Youth leadership schools located in both Mehlem and Godesberg as follows:

    For males:

    HJ Obergebietsführerschule (Obergebiet 3 West) in Mehlem (Source) The Obergebiet was deprecated as a command structure in Sept 1934 and the school subsequently became the leadership school for Gebiet 11 as follows:

    Gebiet 11 Mittelrhein (later Gebiet 11 Köln-Aachen):
    HJ Gebietsführerschule 'Baldur von Schirach' in Mehlem. Photo of this school

    Gebietsführerschule II Baldur von Schirach, Mehlem

    For females:

    BDM-Gauverbandsführerinnenschule (Gauverband 3 West) 'Der Turmhof', Godesberg (Source). The BDM-Gauverband was deprecated as a command structure in Sept 1934 and the school subsequently became:

    Reichsführerinnenschule 2 des BDM, Godesberg

    I am not aware of any Reichsfinanzschule having been located in Mehlem or Bad Godesberg but will certainly look into it.

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    No, there was not a Reichsfinanzschule in Mehlem (south of Bonn) or that area, just Boppard
    near Koblenz. And this was not earlier then 1941.
    See for a complete list my handbook pages 529 through 532 and see note 237.

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    Garry and Wihelm, thank you very much for your replies, Ive just learned more from your replies then the last few days trolling the internet for answers! Thank you for clarifying the
    abreviation. Also I was under the impression there was one school covering the area of both Mehlem and Godesburg. I did mange to find that old copy of SHAEF/CIA report on HJ on the internet but it didnt really clarify(at least to me!). The whole reason for this line of inquiry is I have a collection of silverware including a few
    and HJ schools. The HJ pieces have
    stamped below the HJ diamond and on other side they have Mehlem engraved. I like to research all the pieces I have but the HJ pieces were confusing since it appears that Mehlem was a Gebeitsführerschule so the
    abreviation does not fit so am questioning their authenticity.


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    There is another spoon marked in this way here and also a photograph from an auction house (Auktionshaus Loesch - see below) showing what they describe as cutlery from the officers' mess of the HJ-Reichsführerschule located in Schloß Drachenburg/Mehlem. However, there appears never to have been such a school there. The castle was purchased by the
    in 1940 and was used as an Adolf Hitler School initially (and again in 1944) but I see no references to the location of either a HJ Reichsführerschule or a Reichsfinanzschule there. Although the 1944 SHAEF list contains errors it is useful but it does not list either of those types of school in HJ Gebiet 11.

    Cutlery supposedly used in the officers' mess within Reichsführerschule Schloß Drachenburg/Mehlem:

    cut.jpg mna.jpg

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