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    HJ student from a Flieger-Technische Vorschule (Aeronautical Prepatory Technical School)

    He didn't know what he was selling. "Vater - Alter Kämpfer - mit Sohn" [Father - old fighter - with son]

    The "father" is a student from a Flieger-Technischen Vorschule [Aeronautical Prepatory Technical School]
    with cuff title, achievement badge, HJ cap badge etc...

    Quite rare photo. Maybe two brothers?

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    The seller is schnurrimaus53 schnurrimaus53 | eBay

    He sometimes has some interesting photos, but note that he is also selling copies "Abzug vom Original".

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    Great photo. The wintermutze looks very heavily ironed, giving it a "kepi" appearance.

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