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    Identify holiday camp/hotel

    How can I identify what " a. k. M. Heilstatte" translates ? ... I know it was a "holiday hotel" but was it part of the HJ or just for the general German public ?

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    The Heilstätte was a medical institution for the general public. They originally catered for those with tuberculosis but once that disease was under control, the Heilstätten do appear to have become "holiday homes" as you say. As far as holidays for the HJ go, there was a system supported by donations from the "Adolf-Hitler-Freiplatzspende" which catered for members of the NSDAP and their families but that's all I'm personally aware of.

    Do you know what the abbreviation "a.k.M." means? I see it on google used after the names of sports clubs (Sportvereine) and also some of the old Heilstätten but I can't find the full version. Very annoying :)

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    Further research has found this : a .k. M translate to Am Kalten Markt and describes the area around Stettin... nothing military in this description. I found one reference to a. k. MeV which appears to be near Stettin but was the military "base" for rocket research. Still researching and will post .

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    I tried to find out the meaning for a.k.M., but it is not mentioned in the German
    book about Postleitzahlen (ZIP-codes). Maybe German collectors do have a

    I found Stetten a.k.M.-Frohnstetten and here it indeed means am kalten Markt.
    It seems to be a specific area (not a street or square).
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