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    NPEA Graduates

    Does anyone know if there were any graduating classes from any of the NPEA schools during the war? If so, were the graduates given any type of leadership positions (of some kind) in the Reich, or just some sort of military service? I'm trying to find if a class would have started in '35 or '36 (and went for 7 yrs ??) and graduated in '42 or '43, where would they have been assigned after graduation?


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    Hi Rob,

    Here's a good page which concentrates on Plön: It shows that the top career aspiration for NPEA students was officer in both 1936 and 1937. It goes on to say that this aspiration was strengthened as the war progressed.

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    Yes, graduation continued on throughout the war. My friend and a 1939 graduate went directly into the Navy and he was the LAST naval officer to leave England as a POW after the war. Most graduates, including some of the teaching staff, went to the various services. Ron Weinand

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    Thanks for the answers guys. Ron, That must be great to have a direct contact (your friend) to learn from. I'm trying to learn as much as possilbe about the Napola Schools, even bought an all German book, "Das Erbe Der Napola." As I'm only learning German, I can only make out bits and pieces

    Thanks for your help


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    Some school marked daggers are also graduation dated during the war....
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    I've been checking into the daggers as well...FINALLY got to see one in person (and hold it too!) a few months back at a collector show. Didn't have the $$ at the time...


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