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Thread: BDM Niederlande

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    Im impressed Darin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL AYERST View Post
    I can not see why there should even be a reference for this service

    Paul, its simple really, we know how the
    lables "should look" and we know why. These Pre-printed, or customized
    labels, IMO, have to be considered as Fake post war inventions UNTIL an explanation can be found. They dont fit into the
    norm, and Just brushing something as important as this off is not something i could do. If this ever happened, that certain makers had the opportunity to order custom labels, and as you said, there are a few makers numbers known that are per-printed, then there will be mention of it, and there is not as far as i can see.

    So when you, and others i guess, say that its not serious and you see no reason why there should be any rule or mention, i would look at it the other way around and say that IF this ever happened, there has to be a mention of it, otherwise, it is just so obscure that it cant be true. So from my point of view, i cant accept any "Customized"
    label until i know why. If the
    papers went though such great detail in describing, picturing etc labels in their announcements, which they did, and informing makers how they can order, how they must pay, and how that they are not allowed to order labels then send them back etc etc, which they did, you can read about this in the
    papers more than once, then IF, the time ever came where the
    offered Customized labels to certain makers, this MUST, be mentioned. To brush this aside is and just shrug it off, is not something that can be done. This is how-come the hobby is ruined, because of too many things like this where people dont care and would rather just go with the flow without using common sense, and looking for the facts.

    I believe that Wim Saris might be able to help here a bit more and offer some kind of explanation, but we will see, maybe its a question that should not be asked? otherwise it casts doubt on 100000x items that have come to be accepted as OK. I personally dont see it as a strange question at all, if others can debate Faked
    labels and what the material should look like etc etc, then surely this question should also be allowed? Who can offer an explanation? instead of just saying "Shut up and believe" ? OK, i know nobody said shut up and believe, but every time i asked this question, this is the feeling i get back from collectors. I hope you can see why i cant buy it... This is a
    product, we have pictures of what it was, and rules, and all of a sudden, at some stage, special Customized labels turn up on items? and its not strange? its not something that requires and answer? i see the opposite.

    Now, for those of you who will reply.. "Post war invention my arse.." by all means post that, but at the same time offer me your proof as to when this happened, why this happened, and why only certain makers recieved customized lables and not others :closedeyes:

    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    The avatar is the logo for the San Fransico Bay area punk rock band The Dead Kennedys.
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    check the print quality of the orange coloring also compared with other tags that has a maker number printed

    could be a perfectly good reason or....?

    would like to see someone do a good book on the
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    here is a tag at the guild that i like, look at the font of Reichszeugmeisterei der
    on it, as it should be?

    the Ost Gouvernement triangles looks like a different font variation again
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