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    And a good one at that .

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    THANKS I love those triangles both HJ and BDM


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    very nice paul

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    I agree. District Triangles are very addicitive.

    Nice General Government, enjoy that one!

    kevin s

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    IT seem most collectors will not buy anything TR unless it has a swastika on it. Collecting the triangles IMO is a form of advanced TR collecting by knowlegeable persons who love researching and mostly the hunt


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    I agree Paul.
    AND, the only reason my wife lets me display these is because they DON'T have a swasitka on them, even though she has sentenced to an exercise room wall. :)
    Better than on a closet wall I guess.

    Boy have things changed.


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    Wife :eek: had one got rid of her years ago ( by divorce ) and never looooked back :D. As long as the bills are paid and the scotty dogs are well taken care of the rest goes into the collection oh and retired also so no pressures :rolleyes:

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