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    I think you have got a nice lot of insignia there

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    looks like a nice bdm triangle from the pics
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    Hi Thor62,

    I keep looking at that BDM.. I have a lot of triangle pictures but none of them (early style or late) have lettering like that. I can't see that high horizontal line on the reverse on any other triangle either. That may or may not mean something. Anyone else have a Franken like this?

    The Hordenführer is also normally on a wool/felt-like material. Badge looks like a relic.

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    garry i agree the lettering is diff to the HJ version.
    the HJ version has more gaps between the letters and the diamonds above the u are alot smaller, have seen a line on the back of these triangles at varing heights before so didnt really see that as an issue, at a quick glance i thought this was just differant due to the fact its a bdm one and not a HJ one, have not seen a bdm one to compare

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    IMO the badge is great and as I said in another post there where many makers especially in the WUPPERTAL area and that at least three sceipt styles where in use


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    Never seen one like this before, it looks period from the photos.

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    CAN you post a pic of the triangle alone so I can capture it for the archive


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    i make pics with triangla alone when it's at home
    thanks all

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    This one is a replica !


    This triangle is a fake. Look at the back.

    Best regards
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