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    Deutsche Jugend district triangles

    Here are pictures, found on the net, of Deutsche Jugend (german youth) triangles. I think that Garry will give you soon the organisation of this german youth that still lived in other european, german allied, countries. It is noticable that here Antiqua (latin) font is on use and no more Fraktur (german) font. This change was envisaged for the Gebiete (areas) within Germany after the war was ended.

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    Other view of the DJ rumänien triangle :

    1726.jpg 1726_1.jpg

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    The DJ Rumania commands a high price, scarce item. There's been one on Wietze's site for a long time, many many euro.

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    Paul, there's a period picture in one of the reference books (not sure which one, I'll have to look it up) of the Rumainien in wear.

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    that would be great need more info on these as they have never been talked about in any book I have

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    You are right Darin, I think that the price in Weitze was something like 750 Euros or so.

    They are really looking excellent. Difficult to find for sure.



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    I clearly missed this thread... I did indeed post the list Sonny:

    Listing of Deutsche Jugend Banne outside the Reich

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