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    Glimps of my HJ collection (2)

    Just as promised in my earlier "glimps of my HJ collection" here are the remaining HJ arm triangles from my collection.
    This makes a total of 40 triangles, although these ones still have to be put into frames depending the obergebiet, they look allready splendid put together.
    In fact, I do have 41 different ones but the last one, sits on my uniform winter blouse ( I'm certainly not goiing to take it of this blouse)
    And this one is for Ost Pommern.

    Actually the obergebiete ; "Mitte and Ost" are for me, and I guess for many other collectors a problem. Harder to find any examples out there, so it seems. Why is that, I wonder?

    As you probably all have noticed I do (at this time, may alter later on?) only collect the male specimens.
    But I'll shut up and lett the pictures do the talking.

    All reaction is welcome

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    Great triangles , especially the last two groups .
    Thank you for posting .

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    That's a great assortment wizard. You have some of the more difficult to find examples there especially the "Ost" triangles and the Bohemia, not to mention the Ausland. Thanks for showing.

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    Pfff, can be.
    But it's getting harder to find some more.
    Here are some pics of the "ost Pommern" attached to the winter blouse.
    By the way this is a uniform for a Rottenführer nachrichten HJ Bann 684, but with the lanyard from a "Scharführer" Furthermore as you can see on the shoulderboard is a red cord as a sign for "kriegsfreiwilliger".
    This was not artificially put together by me, but purchased as such.

    Thx guys for the comments,
    always a motivating factor.
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    I am glad to see the triangle "Südost-Böhmen und Mähren" in this condition of preservation . It is extremely rare to see it. Thanks for showing !
    Best Regards

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    what do the triangles sell for in Belgium ? we pay 100-200 for common ones and i paid 1,300 for an HJ school triangle.

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    oh NICE collection !

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    Thx for your reaction, as to how much we pay over here in Belgium?
    I really do not know, because as a matter of fact I've done uptill now all my purchases thru the internet.
    I've never attended uptill now a meeting, will probably do so later this yearduring the month of October (Ciney).
    But as an example, cause you've mentioned the
    . I've paid mine (
    Chiemsee) I guess one of the most common from the
    schools 650€ in pristine state with
    paper tag present.
    The others vary in between 75€ to up 500€ depending how scarce the are on the market.
    So not cheap at all.

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    Triangle prices in the US and in Europe are pretty similar. There is much competition amonst triangle collectors especially for the more difficult to find versions ie
    , Broadcasting units, Ost examples, etc. and the scarce triangles get bought up very rapidly when offered for sale. To collect scarce triangles you have to be ready to buy at a moments notice when they are put up for sale, it seems they just don't last long at all if the price is even marginally realistic, and if they are underpriced they stay up for seconds or minutes before they are gone from what I have seen.

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    That's right.
    A while back I missed out a
    Ilfeld in mint condition, I hesitated and..... it was gone.
    at present I'm waiting a reply from a guy who has a "Ost danzig Westpreussen" for sale. I'm hoping he will agree with my proposition.

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