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    Hitler Youth sleeve triangle list (Gebietsdreieck)

    Hi there,

    Second time posting on this forum. Is there a possiblity that i can see a list of all the Gebietsdreicke without getting the gold membership? New to the forum and i don't know if i will be using it alot.
    I looked on the internet but i can't find a list anywere.

    Greetings from, Cas

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    Hi there,

    The extensive lists in the gold section are mainly for Bann numbers. The correct triangle is shown next to each entry to give the correct combination of shoulder strap number and triangle. An example would be: 681 Ostenburg Ost/Ostpreußen. This is done by year. The only good and reliable lists you will find on the net are ours. There is also Wim Saris' Handbook of the Hitler Youth which I thoroughly recommend.

    It takes a lot of time (and some money too) to put these lists together which is why they are in the Gold section but if it is just the Obergebiet/Gebiet list you want i.e. Süd/Hochland, West/Westfalen etc I will put this together for you and will post it here. It will take me a little while to copy the information to here so bear with me. Unless you have turned automatic notifications off you will receive a thread update email when I have added the list.

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