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    HJ Area Triangle ID

    Can anyone identify this triangle? I know the photos aren't clear. I'm not sure if this helps, but I know he lived in Oberstreu and he was part of a flak crew defending Schweinfurt. I'm not familiar with these and would appreciate any help. Thanks.



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    I can't tell from that photo or the enlargement what the triangle says. Bann Schweinfurt was located in the Sud Mainfranken Gebiet, if this Flakhelfer was in Schwienfurt that would possibly be the triangle he would have been wearing.

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    Just as background info byf, Oberstreu was part of the district Mellrichstadt which puts it within the boundaries of Bann 362 Neustadt-Mellrichstadt during the flak period so this boy would have worn a 'Süd Mainfranken' triangle. As Darin says, Bann Schweinfurt also wore that same triangle. The fold on his sleeve is obscuring most of the bottom line unfortunately so I think we're seeing this:

    Instead of:

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    Thanks for your help guys. I have a 8-10 portrait of him in his uniform , I was thinking about putting some of his insignia in the frame with the portrait. I have his flak eagle and his armband and was wondering what triangle was correct and how hard it would be to find one. I appreciate your help.

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