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    HJ Ost Pommern triangle

    Hi Folks,

    It's been awhile, but here I'm back with some pics of my latest find a HJ Ost Pommern triangle.
    This one has been removed from an uniform.
    Just have a look, any comments are, as usual welcome.
    Slowly, I'm finding those more difficult ones to further add to my collection.


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    Love it , I have an Ost Pommern also , but it is not as nice as yours .

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    Thx Joe,

    Always on the look out for some other gems;

    the ones that pops right into my mind and wich are, I guess still not impossible to find on the market, altough more scarce:

    Ost Ostpreussen (Gebiet 1)
    Ost Schlesien (4)
    Ost Nieder- (4)and Ost Oberschlesien (40)
    Ost Osten
    Ost General Gouvernment
    West Westfalen nord- (9)and south,(42)
    West Oldenburg (?)
    Sud Bayreuth (22)
    SudOst Tirol-Vorarlberg (33)
    Nord Schelswig-Holstein (6)
    Nord Ostsee (5)

    And I'm not even mentioning the NPEA and AHS triangles and a black Landjahr.

    So should anyone have any knowledge about the where abouts of one or several of these above mentioned, please drop me a PM.
    Any is well appreciated. Hey I can only but dream and hope, not,.....?

    Thx in advance


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    very cool,.congrats


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    hello wizardelf,
    nice collection .
    Sorry but nord schleswig-holstein and west oldenburg don t exist...
    2 less to find !!

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