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    HJ "RJF Stab" sleeve triangle with Traditionslitze

    Came across this one a while back. Since I only have three triangels I do not have much to compare with.
    I have looked at several pictures of triangels and this one have the
    label in Latin writing. This must mean that
    it is of a late manufactoring. Is that correct? Further more, is the Litze correct? Can they be different?
    Comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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    I think which is it a good triangle.

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    I agree. If you can, but it. It will probably be expensive but you will later regret not attaining the triangle if you do not buy it.

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    At present, this triangle is very rare to find. If I was you and if I had financial means, I would hurry quickly because you will not find a triangle "
    Stab " in mint condition.

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    #2,3 & 4. Thank you. I already bought it along with two other triangles and some 3rd Reich Schupo & Gendarmerie shoulder boards. It comes from an old private collection of mostly medals and edged weapons.
    Cloth insignias was not high in demand by the two collectors and dealers that took a battle over those items so for me it was just a lucky find.

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    What a great find . Hitlerjugend
    insignia rates at the top 5% percent of rare HJ collectables.

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    Here is mine .
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    I like the triangle and the Traditionslitze but the stitching for the Litze looks very odd like that. White seems a very strange choice for a black/gold triangle.

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    It might be that the litze is darkened as gold braided rank insignias can become over the years when exposed to light.
    However it looks unused. Anyhow, they must have been added some time after the weaving was completed.

    No one has commented on the label which is of interest to since it is not in Gothic writing. Some time during the 40´s I think I have read that it was replaced by the Latin alphabet.

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    THE TRIANGLE LOOKS VERY GOOD A RARE ONE BUT AS Garry says the stitching on the litze is odd and so is the litze itself may be added to enhance value .

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