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    Jugend Ehrendienst sleeve triangle insignia.

    I posted this on the old forum but nobody really knew what it was. With some new people here maybe someone has seen one of these before? I got this from an estate sale of an olympic wieghtlifter that participated in the Berlin games for about 20 USD a couple of years ago. It passes a burn test and does not glow, but I just don't know what it's for or if it's even TR period. The HJ triangle is just for size comparrison. Anybody ever seen one of these??:confused:

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    I saw this it was from an auction but no picture.

    (Brochure) Erinnerungen an den Jugend-Ehrendienst. Memories of the Youth honourary Service. Berlin, 1937. 48pp. illus., 15.2x22.6cm (6"x8.9"), in German language. Stories of the young boys who served as honourary service during the Olympic Games.

    Was this a possible patch that was given for what is described as honourary service?

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    Bobby, I think that there's also a book by Werner Klingberg or someone like him about what you are referencing. I've been looking for it for a while now to try and find a period photo or something. The uniforms for the Jugend-Ehrendienst were white with a BDM style jacket from the sort of blurry photos I've seen, but I really couldn't see any sort of insignia.

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    Comparing size between them I would not buy it. don't know why exactly, but I don't like this one..

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    I don't think it's a sleeve triangle but maybe some other type of chest insignia or something. It was only 20 usd, so even if not T.R. period it should at least be worth something to an Olympics collector. I just wish I knew exactly what it is. :confused:

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    I like this piece it is period and the glue residue on the reverse with the browning colour confirms this


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    Well some more information has surfaced on this one. I sent the patch to Clyde Davis for a good hands on. He contacted a friend who is currently working on a two volume book dealing with sports in the third reich who stated this is most definetly a period item and was indeed used during the 1936 games. According to the information I've recieved this was worn by both girls and boys (most likely HJ and BDM members but not confirmed) that served as helpers and assistants at the games, running errands, escorting athaletes, etc. The youths wore white unforms and this patch was worn on the upper left sleeve of the uniform. I've been told there are more photos and video of this patch in wear but here is one, unfortunately not really clear but if you compare the size of the patch to the standard HJ triangle it looks correct in scale. I'll post the others when I have more information. Looks like this was a good 20 USD gamble after all.
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    there was allot of odd insignia for this event one being cuff titles for linguists denoted the language they could speak ie ENGLISH. WELL done DARRIN super pic

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    A very nice shot that clearly shows the triangle in question in wear. Also some video of the Jugend Ehrendienst unloading some luggage. Very excited to finally identify this item as a period piece. The video is in QuikTime format, so you'll need that to view it.

    Olympic Games / City Centre / Berlin / 1936 352-157-042 Framepool stock footage

    Olympic Games / City Centre / Berlin / 1936 322-868-063 Framepool stock footage
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    Really a great score Darin .

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