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    Well done Darin. 20US well spent :) Here's that book you mentioned if you're still after a copy.

    The patch only seems to have been worn by certain members of the Ehrendienst as evidenced by the attached picture and it would be good to find out what the criteria were. The boys wearing the patch in the clips are clearly younger than the two shown on the picture so perhaps only the younger boys wore them i.e. only the Hitler Youth? Something for another day perhaps but congrats on finding the patch

    Jugend Ehrendienst Olympics 1936.gif Jugend Ehrendienst Olympics 1936_2.gif

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    Thanks for the link Garry. I am unsure of the specific criteria for the wearing of the triangle. I've been told they were all volunteers. I understand that members from many organisations were called to serve at the games and the Ehrendienst including members of the RAD as well as HJ/BDM members along with various other state organisations.

    They all wore the white uniforms and olympic rings on the caps. There seems to be no real standard for wearing of the rings on the caps, some photos show them on the right and others on the left side. Various armbands were worn as well. Some with national flag colors, some with olympic rings also.

    Perhaps the young men in the postcard photo are from the RAD or another organisation for adults.

    While I don't think the triangle is specifically HJ related it is an interesting and probably scarce item of insignia worn by German youth during the period.
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    Thanks Darin. Yes, definitely a rare one I would think.

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    A copy of a really crisp photo that shows the uniform of the Jugend Ehrendienst. The detail is very nice and the uniform is really striking. This patch and the photos will be shown in a new 2 volume book from Bender Publishing on the subject of sports during the Third Riech.
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    More period photos of Ehrendienst members. Some appear to be wearing a cuff title or sleeve stripe of some kind. There is also a photo of the female members in uniform.
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    Following is for sale, for the interested :-)


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    Great photo with nice detail, especially the look at the triangle. I hope one of the forum will buy it!

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    A fantastic photo. I remember many questioned this triangle when I first obtained it as it was not well known. Even the great Helmut Weitze told me "fake"! The author and researcher on sports in the third reich, Rob Newbrough was finally able to provide me with footage of the insignia in wear. He's a great guy and I am grateful for his help. I have since sold this on as I don't collect triangles and needed the funds for an Oberbannführer strap. It now resides in a large collection in the U.S. after being sold on two more times.

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    with all the period evidence now confirmed here we can all put this on our radar but knowing it was not issued in quantity will be a hard one Adding this to the triangles article

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