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    Here is a picture of the first one (found on the net) that shows a yellow on black triangle (see the difference with the white of the armband).
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    probably is yellow , very nice


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    Here is an insignia of the "Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft" (one of the many scouting organisations of the 30th). I have read that the reason of the particular 2nd Landjahr triangle colors came from the filiation with this group... and I have also read that it was the filiation with the "Bund der Artamanen".
    Let's wait for more information.
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    THERE was a very close association with the
    and the guilds early on. This badge is to close to not have been an insperation very nice


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    Quote Originally Posted by WIDUKIND View Post
    Hi Gefolgschaft,
    it is a very important information and it is going to start terrible debates.
    I would like to know if your information must be taken in the conditional?.
    Many certainties have just fallen since yesterday evening in Europe and I think that you are aware of it.
    Best regards
    Widukind, this is just what the book says. I don't know if it is correct or not. I am just repeating what the reference says. I am sure there will be lots of debate about the book and its contents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL AYERST View Post
    like everything take with a grain of salt. I have not yet recieved my book but note that on two occasions one of the authors has backed off statements made earlier such as dating triangles. Debate is good though and hopefully this book is not to radical

    There is a section on this topic in the book as well Paul. Will wait until those who are waiting for the book to see it before making any comments.

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    getting a bit worried about this book seems there is much controversy alreay , hope mine gets here soon

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    Hi Gefolgschaft,
    I have just received W.Saris's book , ordered on Ebay. This Book is fantastic and I recommend it.
    The collection gives many surprises ! .
    I admit that I made a mistake...., and I confirm you the existence of the triangle "Landjahr" with letters in Yellow.
    Best regards

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    Hi Widukind. I have also been incorrect in some areas. Still reading through some of the chapters. This book has already stirred some debate up, and I am sure more will follow.

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    I jumped for joy by seeing all the shoulder straps and all the photographed triangles.
    You noticed that the BDM ' s triangle is not in the book.....!

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