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    What do you think of this triangle? Did there exist HJ in Lybia before or during the war?



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    Don't know about the triagle. But German name for Libya is Libyen.


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    There are so many triangles out there that are the unquestionably the real deal, I tend to stay away from these strange ones, and go for those that will never be questioned if it comes time to sell.

    Just my opinion that's all.


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    loose from the color and translation this seems like a good item. Altough I don't think it was a HJ item. mayby of one or the other youth organisations with assosation to the HJ?

    mayby , I don't know.

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    I sort of like the construction. I don't have a reference that shows this triangle or know of a Libyan HJ unit. If the price was great I would pick it up just in case. Maybe it's a rare triangle, maybe a fantasy item. :confused:

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    Thank you for your replies. I continue my research

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    I believe this is a fantasy item .

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