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If someone gets angry or has hard feelings about someone else getting an item before them it's just sour grapes I think. For every missed deal there's a bunch more waiting around the corner. Same with being outbid at an auction. I've lost out on several items to folks I am familiar with, but hold no grudges or ill feelings towards others for it.

I think everyones' blood gets a little bit hotter (a lot) when losing an auction in the last second, and you are left with your silly face thinking in how bad was the mother of the person you won it.

But, you have the other side of the coin, when in the last 10 seconds you make the best offer and then... congratulations. Specially when the item is quite cheap. Or not, but you won it... that feeling is great!!

Anyway, good luck to all of you in the future when bidding.... but not when you bid against me:001_tt2: